Destroy the myths about Real Estate Investing and discover real, proven strategies to get into the game and win!

Dec 1-4, 2022 or April 13-16, 2023
Hyatt Place, Tampa, Florida

Looking at getting into the real estate investing game but have the following obstacles?
We know the gains of real estate investing are HUGE, but getting started can be scary with so many variables,
technical steps, legal questions and cash flow concerns such as these...

 Unable to obtain a bank loan to buy a property due to bad credit

 Can’t afford to make costly mistakes or afraid of making mistakes

 Money tied up in the stock market

 Not enough cash for a down payment

 Have credit and money but no experience and not enough time to learn

 Fear of negotiating or being taken advantage of

 Not sure what a good deal looks like

That's why Larry Harbolt has created this event - to help people JUST LIKE YOU! 
Why not learn from the most highly acclaimed real estate investor who has experience, knowledge and proven strategies !
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Larry Harbolt is one of America’s highly-acclaimed real estate investors. He bought his very first investment in the 1970's and then developed a buying system that he used to once buy 10 houses in one week. Investing in real estate has transformed him from being a simple plumber / pipefitter into a high-profile millionaire investor.

To date, Larry takes pride in his thirty-eight years of experience in buying and selling single family and multiple family properties. In fact, he has built one of the most comprehensive buying systems both for beginner and advanced investors.

Aside from investing real estate, Larry Harbolt is also very passionate about teaching. He provides real estate mentoring to thousands of aspiring investors. He teaches students how to make money ethically and how to buy the right properties at the right time for the right price and terms. Larry has built a long list of students one of his many students from across the country is the legendary NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neill.

Larry Harbolt follows a very unique approach that he uses to buy houses - this provides his students a wide range of creative buying techniques that have resulted in hundreds if not thousands of success stories. Today, Larry Harbolt continues to teach basic, intermediate and advance real estate investing concepts to a worldwide audience via The Cash Flow Guys platform. In fact, one of his works was archived by the Library of Congress as part of America's history.Fast forward to 2016 when Larry launched “The Real Deal” Podcast on creative real estate strategies which has quickly become an industry leading podcast in the real estate space.

Finding opportunities
Learn marketing strategies to fill your deal pipeline with TONS of opportunities. Larry Harbolt’s 37 years worth of accumulated marketing secrets are covered extensively that get FAST results in ANY real estate market.
Analyzing the deal
Learn to create great deals where no deals seem to exist before. Most investors miss great opportunities that are right under their noses because they simply have not learned to see them. While other investors are complaining there are no deals, you will learn how to be cashing checks!
Negotiating great deals
Learn how to negotiate like a pro using Larry’s best kept negotiating secrets that make sellers smile while selling you their house! Live demonstrations are presented in class with student participation encouraged.
Deal structure
Learn how to structure deals that will maximize your profits and allow you to build your portfolio without using your own cash or credit. Larry teaches hundreds of ways to structure a deal to give the seller what they want while still allowing you to make HUGE profits!
 Keep it or flip It
The old saying goes “You Make Your Money When You Buy”, which is why Larry includes this section of the training. Learn the critical skills necessary to determine if you should keep the property or flip it to another investor for huge profits. In this section, Larry teaches how to best negotiate and structure deals to appeal to other investors that you flip to.
Contracts and Clauses
 Learn how to write killer offers that make sense and clauses that keep you safe. In this section Larry covers how to write contracts, what elements are needed and how to word things in a way that makes sense to buyers and sellers while passing a lawyer’s review.
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 What does the itinerary look like?

Class begins at 9:00 am daily and ends at 5pm with morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. Coffee and water provided in the classroom. A complimentary breakfast buffet is included and provided by the hotel. Unlike most real estate bootcamps, all students have the opportunity to interact directly with Larry and his team during class, breaks and lunch. This means you will have a minimum of 32 hours with the legendary Real Estate Expert Larry Harbolt himself. He does not send anyone to teach his classes for him, you get the Real Deal, LIVE and IN PERSON. FREE Bonus training sessions are provided after the 8-hour block of instruction by Larry’s trusted team of experts.

 Where is it taking place?

 Hyatt Place, 4811 W. Main Street, Tampa, Fl, 33607,813-282-1037 - very close to the Tampa Airport.

 What is the cost to register?

$1997 for the first ticket, bring a friend or spouse for only $1,000 extra! PLUS - 2 payment options available.
By Finding High Profit Seller Finance Deals
What to Look for and How to Secure the Best High Profit Properties

How to get YOUR Phone Ringing Off the Hook with Motivated Sellers

Proven Direct Mail / eMail Letters to Property Owners

​​​​​Detailed Repair Checklists that Will Prevent You From Under Estimating Repair Costs
​​​​Multiple Ways to Create Your Real Estate Wealth TAX FREE
The Essential Iron-Clad Contractor Agreement To Maximize Your Protection
The master of win-win money making deals using seller financing
How to pick out the Money Maker Deals at lightning speed.

How to Avoid the “7” Costly Mistakes ALL New Investors make. (These you MUST know)

How to create Massive Profits on Seller Financed Deals You Have Never Owned.

How to quickly Pre-screen Sellers - Eliminate the Time and Money wasters

​​​​​​​The 7 Essential Buying Formulas that Maximize Your Profits and keep you safe from doing a bad deal.

​​​​​​​Explode Your Income Training Program & the Million Dollar Paperwork
Explode Your Income Training Program & the Million Dollar Paperwork
The 7 Strategies to Buy All of the Houses You Want Using Seller Financing Even if You Have No Credit, Bad Credit, or don’t want to use your good credit.

The Complete Million Dollar Step-by-Step buying procedures.

Structure multiple offers for Cash In a Flash and Long Term Wealth.

Buying and Selling Contracts and Forms designed to protect you as well as put CASH in your pocket.

With How to Filled out Examples – with Multiple Clauses to Keep You Safe!

How to Sell Houses In a Flash by making them easy for your buyers to buy
This will be the solution to getting affordable financing to fund your deals and set you apart from the competition.
This information will put you on the fast-track of building your real estate wealth and lifestyle.
“Creative Seller Financing Course”
Three Information Packed Manuals which include 460 Pages of Creative Seller Financing Strategies and Paperwork delivered in PDF digital format for ease of use

Hard copy available at event for additional fee

 PLUS The Psychology of Effective Negotiating 101: Negotiating from a Position of Power by Knowing 

         the Seller’s Personality Type.

 PLUS The Cashflow Blueprint Online Course: Includes the “4” Questions Every Investor Needs to Answer to Before Making an Offer to Buy.

 PLUS The Negotiating with Sellers Cheat Sheet: Overcome Objections With a Few Key Questions to the Sellers


   Section 1: Getting Started, The Investor Mindset

   Section 2: What is Creative Seller Financing?

   Section 3: Finding Good Deals

   Section 4: Contacting Sellers

   Section 5: Simplifying the Rehab Process

   Section 6: Structuring Deals as a Buyer

   Section 7: Buying Contracts and Forms

   Section 8: Selling Strategies

   Section 9: Selling Contracts and Forms

   Section 10: Thinking Through Your Deals

   Section 11: Creating “Paper” or “Promissory Notes” For Profit

   Section 12: Dealing with Sellers

   Section 13: Making Offers

   Section 14: Financing the Deals

   14 Mp3’s or Audio CD’s for Your Listening Convenience

   4 Document CD’s for all your needed paperwork

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I owe my success to Larry...Larry's one of the first people I met when I moved to Florida, and he helped me get started in real estate. Now, 10 years later and with 10 successful years in the real estate business, when I'm stumped, I go to Larry. He's smart, experienced, and honest - and that's a tough combination to find?
~Rob Allender 
It is my pleasure to recommend Larry Harbolt as one of the most knowledgeable individual in the Real Estate investment arena. His knowledge & success has earned him success and respect nationwide. Our REIA has recommended several individuals (seasoned and new investors) to Larry. And we received a 100% positive and satisfactory feedback. Larry, it is an honor to know you.
~Co-Founder of TBREIA
I highly recommend Larry Harbolt - he is the 'Go To' Guy when it comes to Real Estate!
~Kathy Perry

Larry is the man to go to! Larry is the man to go to with any creative real estate financing question. I have never found someone like him that just knows how to work the deal if the owner is receptive to a creative way of taking care of their real estate problem and the idea is always a win win for everyone. That is someone I respect.
~Courtland Beakley
Don't procrastinate - get in to real estate investing the RIGHT WAY! Limited space available.
Larry Harbolt's Famous Seller Financing Bootcamp
Why What We Are Offering Is So Important
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​in Today’s Market
The Benefits of Seller Financing
Investors Are Finding It Impossible to Get Institutional Financing Today.

Never be Humiliated Filling Out a Loan Application Just to Be Turn Down Later.

You Will Have A Distinct Advantage Over Other Real Estate Investors In Your Area.

You Will Be Able to Buy Real Estate Even If You Are Bankrupt.

You Don’t Need Money or Good Credit to Buy Real Estate.

You Have the Ability to Create Huge Future Discounts If You Get Seller Financing Terms.

No More Credit Checks; Most Sellers Don’t Belong to A Credit Bureau.

Quick Closings and Low Closing Costs.​​​​​​

You Can Use Seller Financing Terms to Get Quick Cash.

The Correct Wording in Your Paperwork Will Give You Non-Recourse Financing.

You Can Have Multiple Loans In Your Name But Not Show on Your Credit Report.

The Seller Can Get What They Want Without Bank Approval.

You and the Seller Set the Rules, Not the Bank.
You Can Know What the Seller Is Thinking Before They Say A Word

You Can Overcome Almost Any Objections Before the Seller Has a Chance to Say a Word.

Seller Financing Deals Make Perfect Wholesale/Flip Deals.

You Can Get Long Term Income or Fast Cash – Whichever You Prefer.

You Will Be Able to Do More Deals With Less Money.

Seller Financing Deals Do Not Require Seasoning.

There Are No Points or Loan Fees Ever Again.

You Can Structure Creative Deals – By Using What You Want to Get What You Want.

Being Creative You Can Make More Profit Per Deal.

You Can Create Huge Profits Without Having Property Ownership.

If You Get Better Terms = Greater Profit.

This Is Creative Information Your Competition Doesn’t Know.

It’s All Done with Non-Threatening Easy to Use Paperwork.

Never Be Forced to Step Into a Bank Again!
Click on the button below to purchase your tickets to Larry Harbolt's Famous Seller Financing Bootcamp
Don't procrastinate - get in to real estate investing the RIGHT WAY! Limited space available.
Reduce your learning curve from years to days, understand your options, know the potential. Step into real estate wealth with ease and make 2022 count!
P.S. - Success comes to those that take massive action - the right action. This event will show you the RIGHT way to invest in real estate that will MAKE you money, so you can move in the right direction in 2021. Why guess? Why fumble? Why make costly mistakes when you can learn from the BEST instead? Register today!

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