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Mailbox Money Master Class 
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This video course (complete with over 80 hours of instructional content) helps you to find and fund your real estate deals FAST.  

Watch and learn to eliminate the guesswork by following the simple step by step system that has allowed both brand new and experienced investors of all ages take down deals they never before felt possible without having to use ANY of their own money.

Module #1 - Limiting Beliefs: 
In this first section we dive right in to learn how to overcome our fears and belief systems that might be holding us back from achieving the freedom we seek so we can be receptive to building the confidence needed to raise private money and work with motivated sellers to structure great deals.

Module# 2 -  Investor Mindset:  
In this module we deep dive into the foundations and beliefs required to be able to structure creative deals.  By learning to discover deals that have been just out of sight before the a windfall of opportunity will be found in places you never thought to look.  in this module we begin to discuss the process of asking "How can I keep this?"

Module# 3 - Taking Inventory:
Here we take a focused look at the tools and resources that already surround you even thought you might have not realized their existence previously.  Many students are pleasantly surprised to learn they are actually much closer to having what they need to accomplish their goals than they had ever before assumed.  This module truly builds confidence and helps us realize that we are not alone in this pursuit.

Module# 4 - Building Networks & Teams:
It is simply not possible to build enough wealth to achieve financial independence singlehandedly.  In this module we learn who we need on our team, where and how to find and recruit them to assist us in our journey.

Module# 5 - Lead Generation:
Here is where the rubber meets the road, rev up those engines and learn how to attract low cost, high yield leads to attract both deals and the money to buy them.  In this section we deep dive on Direct Mail, Youtube, Podcasting, Signage Social Media Leverage and Digital Marketing.  You will learn the pros and cons of each, and then received guided instruction on the method of your choosing.

Module# 6 - Finding Opportunity:
Welcome to DEAL TIME!  Here is where we learn how to find deals right under the nose of other investors in such a way that we eliminate our competition.  We focus on seeing deals that other people don't and therefore get a seat at the table alone with the seller.  While everyone else is "looking for a deal" you will be sitting at the closing table.

Module# 7 - Structuring Deals:
It's one thing to find a deal, it's another to structure one in such a way that the sellers will say yes with a smile on their face.  We will help you learn to make great offers that help the seller out by meeting their goals and yours.  Creativity is the name of the game here so buckle up and get ready to learn tons of super cool deal structure strategies that you will be excited to try,

Module# 8 - Negotiation:
Negotiation with the seller is important, but so is negotiation with your funding sources, vendors, title companies, contractors and even tenants and partners.  Here we employ actionable practice sessions to help you get past the nervousness that is common with many types of negotiations so you can feel relaxed, confident and focused on structuring great deals.

Module# 9 - Due Diligence:
The fastest way to ruin a great deal is to overlook problems before you buy a property.  There are tons of items that need to be examined before you become the owner.  In this module we go step by step through each one of those items so you understand what to be looking for and how to solve such problems when you discover them.

Module# 10 - The Closing Process:
We have arrived at the finish line but we still have some work to do in order to make sure our title is clear,   ownership documents are accurate and financials are correct.  We also discuss how to solve common (and uncommon) title or deed related issues that would kill most deals.  You won't have to worry about losing a deal over these problems because you will have the skills to solve these problems before you close on the property.
Investor's Guide to Analyze Deals In Any Market
$297 Value
This video course holds the keys for you to learn how to analyze deals quickly and profitably to determine the best offers to make.   

Virtually eliminate offer rejection by confidently structuring deals that are guaranteed to be profitable  for you and your investors while making it easy for sellers to say YES.

This course was originally written to train our acquisitions team and brokers in our market as to our buying needs how we make evaluate deals before we make offers.  

Recently revised and updated  this training will serve as an outstanding "crash course" to get you and your team up and running lightning fast.

Using property evaluator software, we go through each line item as they regard to the Purchase, Income, Expenses, Net Performance and Financial Metrics of each and every deal.  By using a step by step approach, nobody gets left behind and deal review becomes simple.

Utilizing an "if-this-then-that" approach we dissect the elements of each deal to discover what can be changed in a deal to make an offer work while still meeting the buyer and seller's needs.

Simply put, this video guide keeps you from every having to worry about overpaying for any investment opportunity that your team may be considering.

When working with investors or funding partners you will feel confident in being able to explain your deal in a professional yet easy to understand way.  By having such confidence, potential investors will literally get in line to fund your deals.

Speaking of funding, this training breaks down the impact of specific financing costs and interest rates in such a way that the information can be used to show both sellers and lenders that overpriced or over-leveraged deals simply don't make sense.

Once the seller sees that the deal loses money, what else can they say?  Who would buy a losing deal right?  We have used this strategy countless times to quitely convince the seller that they are overpriced without having to actually accuse them of being overpriced.

When considering expenses, you will be crystal clear on what expenses the deal can afford and learn how to use this information to negotiate lower expenses with your vendors confidently.

When it comes to the performance of an investment, imagine how enlightening it will be to literally predict the future of your portfolio using industry standard, well researched and confirmed baseline metrics.  Using such information you can confidently negotiate refinancing of your portfolio based on the accuracy of your income predictions.

This training also explains the importance of understanding specific financial metrics such as Cap Rate and Cash on Cash Return.  Armed with this information and the ability to tweak income as well as expenses you can "live negotiate" with your funding partners to show them how the return they expect will impact the bottom line of your deal.

Greedy funding partners are able to see for themselves that the returns they want won't allow your deal to work, imagine witnessing them roll over and give you a better deal on funding without you having to ask.

Lastly, funding partners need to understand "how" the deal will pay them more than they need to know "what" it will pay them.  Using this breakdown will answer those questions and project you and your team in a positive light that makes investors feel compelled to say "yes" to funding your deal.
Investor's Template & Form Vault
$797 Value
The complete form and template package (prepared by a Licensed Attorney) helps you be able to write any offer needed on the spot so you're able to grab a deal before anyone else.

Eliminate the risk of missing out on a great deal opportunity because you did not have the right paperwork ready to solidify the deal.

Here is a list of what's included:

Assignment & Assumption of Lease:
This document is used to assign the lessee's rights in a lease to another party.  The document is often used with short term "airbnb" type rentals as well as to replace someone else's position in a lease for a variety of reasons such as divorce or a roommate moving out.

Residential Lease:
Used to lease a property to an individual(s)

Assignment of Mortgage:
When notes are bought and sold, it is required to assign the mortgage that secures the note to the new owner of the note, this documents allows that to happen.

Cash For Keys Agreement:
There are times when tenants don't pay rent and refuse to move or owners fall behind on their mortgage and decide to vacate their home.  One strategy to regain possession of your property (or one you are about to buy) is to give the occupant "cash for the keys", this agreement breaks down that process and outlines.

Warranty Deed Templates:
When transferring the deed from one owner to another a deed needs to be prepared and delivered by the seller to the buyer in order to officially "close the sale".  The deed documents the ownership of the property and is often prepared for a fee by a closing attorney or title company, but now, you can prepare your own, at no additional cost.

Deed In Lieu Document Package:
Include in this package are the forms needed to facilitate a deed transfer in cases where the owner of a home decides to turnover the deed to avoid foreclosure. In the Mailbox Money System we teach you how to create and leverage notes into your portfolio to be used to trade for down payments or to purchase assets.  Sometimes as the note holder you must use legal collection action to collect what is owed to you, this forms package makes it easy to accomplish.

Durable Power of Attorney:
As a investor buyer it will likely me necessary to call a homeowners mortgage company or bill collection company to verify payoff's of specific debts that tie to the sale or real estate.  This form is signed by the seller and provided by you to the mortgage company to allow you to freely communicate with them regarding the details of the sellers account.

Joint Venture Agreement:
During the investing journey, many investors partner up with other investors to get deals done and share revenue.  in cases like these, a joint venture agreement is suggested in order to reduce any verbal agreements you may have with your partner to writing.  Doing so eliminates "he said - she said" and helps partnerships perform smoothly without issues.

Loan Modification Agreement:
One strategy to do great deals is to negotiate with a seller's lender to obtain lower payments, longer loan duration and possible reduced interest or principal amounts.  The loan modification agreement accomplishes these things in a easy to complete, comprehensive way.

Mortgage and Promissory Note Templates:
Lawyers will charge in excess of $1,000 in many cases to prepare promissory note and mortgage documents to document a purchase of a property.  This fill in the blank template allows you to literally "create money out of thin air" by preparing these documents any time you need at no additional cost.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA):  The intent of this document is to assure confidentiality of specific information that may be uncovered during a negotiation or examination of a deal.  The intent is to make an agreement to not disclose financial details or other private info of the seller or tenants to any other party.

Option Agreement:
Provides an option to purchase written arrangement which is less binding on a buyer than a purchase and sale agreement.

Contract For Deed Template:
A document that is used to structure a creative financing strategy where the buyer makes payments to the seller prior to transfer of the deed and the deed will later transfer at a prearranged time.

Mortgage "Wrap" Template:
Used to acquire a property that already has mortgages in place that will be "wrapped" by a new first position mortgage.

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