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From The Desk of: Tyler Sheff

Re: How To Raise Money and Get Legit Private Funding for Real Estate (even in a financial meltdown)

I am Tyler Sheff and I am a Real Estate Investor and Host of the Award Winning Cash Flow Guys Podcast who has literally used the exact methods I am about to teach you to escape the rat race myself in 11 months.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about how to raise money FAST!

Like you, I am sick of get rich quick schemes and empty promises...

If you ever had trouble raising money for real estate deals even after taking courses.. its not your fault!

I will teach you an easy 4 step method of raising unlimited amounts of cash to buy real estate without having to beg anyone for money!

There are lots of new problems in the world right now since the pandemic happened.

In fact, here are the two biggest problems you face right now:

The Real Estate Market Is Crashing...


Most Investors Don't Have The Cash They Need To Grab Great Deals As Real Estate Prices Drop... 

But that's not the end of the problems.

It actually gets worse! Why?

In a recession, the banks stop lending money which means no deals for you.  

Unless, you learn how to raise money for your deals

The fact is, nobody likes the idea of having to ask other people for money.

Let's face it, asking for favors is down right uncomfortable.

Worst of all, most real estate investors can't get past the idea that raising private money means having to ask  other people for money!

I PROMISE You Will NEVER Have To Ask For Money EVER Again
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...
Just a few short years ago I was a clock punching employee wondering how I'd ever get off the hamster wheel.

At the time, I was stuck working long hours on a ship at sea, trying to escape the grind of living paycheck to paycheck.

I was also trying to save up enough money to buy investment property...but kept running into the same problem. 

It felt like no matter how hard I worked, or how much money I saved, I'd never have enough cash to get started. 

After all, you need your own money - and A LOT of it - to get started in real estate... right?

Well, that's what I thought at least...

Until I Met My Mentor
He was doing deals all over town without ANY of his own money.

He was so busy doing deals that he needed a helper to keep up with all the demand...

I was in the right place at the right time.

From him I started learning about creative deal structure, soon after... talking with sellers became less painful for me...

The more confident I became, the more deals I was able to make until one day... a deal did not close!

My money partner flaked out on me at the last minute!!!

He told me he did not understand the deal, therefore he wasn't going to invest his cash with me.

Instantly, it became crystal clear to me I HAD to learn how to present my deals better.

I tried several techniques, all of which confused people even more.

Right then it hit me! I needed to use visual aids to help me explain my deals.

My plan was to start developing a presentation that would make it simple for me to explain the benefits of my deals for the money partners.

I started crafting visual references to help me better explain my deals.

But I didn’t stop there...

I practiced this presentation over and over until I was able to simplify it to be easy to present and understand.

Next, I scheduled appointments with potential investors I found by attending local investment seminars.

Bottom line: In the end I was able to raise massive amounts of private capital without having to wear a suit and pretend to be a big shot...

Building on that success, I decided to build an easy and quick to implement process I could teach to other investors in a very short amount of time.

I call it ..“The Private Money Crash Course”
Using the Private Money Crash Course I can do many more deals than ever before which means I can now travel anywhere I want, whenever I want without having to worry about where my next paycheck would come from.
The Private Money Crash Course Helps You:
-Get Confidence FAST 

-Do more deals faster than ever before...

-Raise all the money you will ever need to do the deals you want...

-Negotiate win / win deals without having to lie or twist people's arms...

-Make offers without having to worry about being rejected because you don't have the money!

Have the confidence to raise as much money as you want to do great deals…and much, MUCH more!  

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with Private Money Crash Course in a single afternoon and it costs less than the cost of a casual dinner for two.

 So again, if you're a regular person who is tired of get rich quick schemes and gimmicks but needs to raise private money without having to beg, understand this:

Most investors are wasting precious time doing everything the hard way, you can skip this pain and go right to the closing table... 

• You don't need a bank's permission to do a deal any longer, this system will teach you how to eliminate "no" from the process of getting deals done.... 

• The economic future of the world is in question, by acting now you can insulate yourself from future economic downturns by learning how to profit when downturns occur.... 

Imagine getting to YES without feeling nervous or embarrassed!

How good would it feel to replace your current income while helping others out of a tough spot at the same time?

Can you imagine having people coming to you begging to invest their money with you?

How relieved would you feel knowing you have Mailbox Money arriving in your mailbox every month?

How Many More Deals Could You Close When Raising Money Becomes Easy For You?
There is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you don't need to trade time for money any longer..
The Private Money Crash Course provides you the tools you need to raise private money for your investment deals

This exact program has helped tons of other people Just Like You launch themselves into the Fast Track of Success
Now You'll Never Need To Worry About Not Having Enough Investment Capital Again!

Here's What You're Going To Get TODAY:

The Private Money Crash Course ($497 Value)

Which Includes:
-How To Pay Investors Templates: You will receive my five Super Secret deal breakdown templates that I guarantee nobody in your market is using to raise money. These templates allow any investor (regardless of skill level) to break down literally ANY deal for a potential funding partner in an easy to understand visual way.

-How To Interview Investors Training Video: This video walks you through the exact step by step method I use to raise millions of dollars in private money without having to ever ask for even one penny! Imagine the feeling of having the confidence to easily explain any deal to any investor in such a way they get so excited that they will be wanting to write a check on the spot!

-Crowdfunding Mastery Interview: This is a "must hear" audio recording of an interview we did with Private Money Rockstar Attorney Jillian Sidoti on the topic of crowdfunding and how to legally raise private money the easy way.

​-Funding Deals The Easy Way Series: This two-part series includes a value-packed interview with Securities Attorney Clifford Hunt where he breaks down the exact process and steps needed to legally raise all the money you will ever need to fund your deals.

You're Also Going To Get:

The Quick Offer Kit ($397 Value)

Which Includes:
-The Must-Have Guide To Getting Offers Accepted: The guide prepares you for the offer making process in such a way you will be submitting offers like a pro without having to worry about making mistakes or skipping steps.  Included in this must-have guide is how to handle investor and seller calls,  how to handle multiple offer situations and how to "set the stage" so getting to "Yes" becomes simple.

-Single Offer Letter of Intent Template: The Single offer template is used when you only want to give the seller one option or when you have already negotiated the deal verbally and have arrived at a mutual agreement.

-Triple Offer Letter of Intent Template: The Triple Offer template is used when a seller needs more than one offer suggested to them which is massively beneficial in situations where the seller is "over-priced" but allows you to still make offers without risk of offending the seller.

-Subject To Addendum: The subject to addendum provides the necessary documentation to allow a closing to happen subject to the existing mortgage.  This means the current mortgage stays in place but the deed/title will transfer to the new owner.  This template is instrumental in putting together No Money Down Deals.

-Release of Information Template: When taking a property subject to the mortgage or dealing with foreclosures or other issues where the buyer may need to help a seller through a tough time in dealing with a lender or party that may have a lien against the property, this form provides you written permission of the seller to help them work through these situations.  Banks, courts, code enforcement, and other such entities will require written authorization from the seller in order for you to help them through tough situations.

-Legal Notice Disclaimer:  This often overlooked little gem helps keep investors out of hot water by providing sellers and other parties proper notices as required by law.

Need Help With All That Paperwork?

Here's Another Bonus To Help With That!

Quick Offer Kit Training Series ($297 Value)

The three video series is the key to filling out error-free paperwork that allows for quick and easy closings every time.  Using this training can literally save thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Learn about how to fill in each and every section of your contracts, letter of intent, subject to addendums and other forms necessary for a smooth transaction.
Act Now And Get These additional Bonuses...

Closing Procedures Checklist ($27.00 Value)

This multi page checklist holds the secret for you to organize the multiple steps required to close on your deals without having to worry about missing anything. 

Now you can make sure all of the tasks required are completed in a timely manner and without having to worry if anything was overlooked during closing process.

Stay Focused Accountability Tracker ($37.00 Value)

This accountability spreadsheet is the shortcut to stay on track with the income-generating activities necessary for success which lets you focus on the activities that matter and reject the ones that don't and get control of how you spend your time.

Bonus #1:Closing Procedures Checklist
Bonus #2: Stay Focused Accountability Tracker
Here’s A Recap Of
EVERYTHING You'll Get Today
  • ​Private Money Crash Course ($497 Value)
  • ​Quick Offer Kit ($397 Value)
  • ​Quick Offer Kit Secrets Training ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #1 Closing Procedures Checklist ($27 Value)
  • Bonus #2 Stay Focused Accountability Tracker ($37 Value)
Over $1,255 Total Value
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $47
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Dynamically Updated
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If the Private Money Crash Course doesn't help you learn how to raise all the money you will ever need to do the deals you want... 

If it doesn't help you learn to make offers without the having to worry about being rejected... 

 If it fails to help you do more deals faster than ever before... then we'll refund your money... 

No Questions Asked! 

All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. 

You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain by learning how to do real estate deals without using your own money!
Tyler Sheff
US Army Veteran

Host of The Award Winning Cash Flow Guys Podcast

20 years experience owning Single & Multi-Family Real Estate, Short Term Rentals, Notes and Raw Land

Well Respected Educator 

Master Facilitator of Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101 Game

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