If You Own Any Properties In Your Own Name, You Have A Huge Target On Your Back!
  • Fact: 1 in every 12 people in this country will be involved in a lawsuit this year
  • Fact: Frivolous lawsuits are a $5 Billion Dollar business affecting many unsuspecting and innocent people each year
  • Fact: Every year at least 40,000,000 (forty million) lawsuits are filed throughout this country costing us millions of dollars

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Don't Be The Next Victim

July 17, 2022

From The Desk of Larry Harbolt

St Pete Beach, Florida

Dear Friend, 

If you want to avoid being fleeced by greedy lawyers by keeping your assets private, then this is the most important letter you will read all year!

Here’s why…

Because in today’s real estate world, not taking the steps to protect your assets from frivolous lawsuits can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity.

My name is Larry Harbolt and I am an expert in teaching busy investors how to safely conceal their assets using Land Trusts.

I’ve been investing in real estate for nearly 40 years, in multiple markets and been threatened with lawsuits by shady slip and fall people on several occasions and have never lost a single property to a lawsuit!

How did I avoid getting sued? I hid the ownership information of my assets by using a Land Trust. 

It only took a few solid threats to get me thinking that I needed to help other investors protect themselves the way I have which is when I created my Mastering Land Trusts Bootcamp.

This 3-day event will provide all the education and tools you will need to protect your assets immediately so you can sleep better at night knowing your legacy is safe. 

Upon completion of checkout, you will have instant access to my huge document vault that is chock full of each and every document you need to prepare your own trust right away.

In addition to that, you will receive the digital version of the home study manual and when you arrive at the boot camp you will also receive the classroom workbook.

Why should you use Land Trusts?

Do you drive on America's streets? 
 Do You Own Rental Property? 
 Do you Have Teenagers who drive living with you?  

 If yes, it’s not a matter of IF you will ever be sued, it's a matter of when you will be sued! 

Every year we spend trillions of dollars on insurance to help protect us from financial liability only to later discover that the coverage is lacking. When was the last time you reviewed your current insurance policies to determine exactly what’s covered?

By taking title to your property in trust it becomes extremely challenging and time-consuming to reveal who the true owner really is. 

Using a land trust sends a very clear message to those wanting to sue that collecting judgments from you will be very time consuming and complex.

When you become "challenging" to collect from, many lawyers will not want to waste their time coming after you if there are no obvious assets to latch onto.

Remember, anyone can sue you for any reason at any time, until you take the steps to protect yourself you remain exposed.

The choice you must make is to either hope to not become a victim or prepare to never be a victim.  

I look forward to the opportunity to help you protect your family.


Larry Harbolt
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Over the years I have figured out different ways to use the Land Trusts to keep your personal real estate business information confidential while at the same time using a trusts to wholesale houses owned by banks and government agencies. 

If you act now it will be nearly impossible to find out exactly what you own and where your treasure is located. 

Why not make it a guessing game for anyone that wants to sue you to figure out what you own and what your real estate portfolio is worth? If you use the Land Trust correctly they will never know for sure what properties you own, or if you own any properties at all.

I am not an attorney and I’m not giving you legal advice.  If you need legal advice you should always get that advice from an attorney trained in using Land Trusts.  I'm a 40 year veteran of real estate investing who spent decades learning how to conceal my assets from the lawsuit-happy public.

What's a Land Trust and What Can It Do For Me?

The Land Trust is a simple title holding trust that originated in Illinois, which is why they are often called Illinois Land Trusts. The purpose of a land trust is to allow a property owner to have the legal title to his or her property held by another person or entity commonly known as a "trustee" while retaining all of the rights and privileges of property ownership (the beneficial interest).
Gain Instant Privacy
A Land Trust uses both a Trustee and a Beneficiary in its structure to spread out responsibilities and potential liability.  Although the name of the Trustee is known, the Beneficiary name is usually not recorded anywhere but the original trust document which is retained by you in a safe place.
Avoid Probate
A trust helps establish an efficient path to help your heirs efficiently distribute your assets upon your passing. Your spouse, children or other successors can avoid costly and time consuming probate proceedings and are able to sell or refinance the trust property without delay.
The Land Trust vs The LLC
Attorneys commonly counsel real estate owners to hold title to their properties in LLCs which I consider to be good solid advice.  By adding a Land Trust to the mix, the level of protection is much greater.  Consider using a LLC as the Trustee and/or Beneficiary so you can enjoy the protections provided by both corporate law and anonymity.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • ​Do I need to be sure that my heirs can transfer title to my properties as they see fit without being tied up in probate?
  • ​Do I need to protect my property from liens and judgments caused by issues that are not my fault, such as those from business partners, ex-spouses or other family members?
  • ​Do I want my investment properties to be protected from lawsuits that may arise from an auto accident for which I am unjustly sued?
  • ​Do I want to keep liens or judgments related to my property from being reported to my personal credit report?
  • ​Do I want to keep governmental inspectors, regulators or corporate investigators from knowing where all of the properties I own are located, and possibly linking a problem in one to all the others?
If you answered YES to one or more of these questions then, you NEED a land trust!

Here's The List of the Documents You'll Get Instant Access To:

Deed To Trustee Template

Land Trust Template

Beneficial Interest Assignment

Trust Amendment

IRS Form 1041

IRS Form 1065

Funds Disbursement Form

Quit Claim Deed Template

Trustee's Deed Template

Chattel Mortgage

Direction To Trustee

Memorandum of Option

Still Not Convinced?
Don't Take My Word For It, Watch the Video To Hear From My Students!

When you take action today you'll also get:

Bonus #1 
Land Trust Cheat Sheet
Never have to worry about skipping any steps during the process, simply follow the outline on this form.  This two page "memory jogger" will be your go-to source for the trust info you need in a flash while you are creating your trusts in the comfort of your own home.  
Bonus #2 
Attorney's Trust Package
The Attorney's package provides the technical information that an Attorney may want to review prior to assisting you with creating your trusts.  This package saves you a fortune in billable hours by consolidating the information attorneys need to research in one easy to access place.  This package explains everything to the Attorney. No more trying to explain what you want and are trying to do and having to answer questions you don’t have answers for.  I’ve done that for you.
Bonus #3 
CPA's Trust Package
With this package your CPA will quickly and easily know how to prepare your return when you use multiple land trusts and keep your private information private.  Included is an easy to follow diagram of how funds flow from your investment so that your accountant can properly track income and expenses without revealing sensitive information that you want to remain private.  Also included is a sample Tax Return prepared by one of my own CPA's to help your tax preparer accurately follow the trail of the income and expenses in order to remain compliant with IRS regulations.
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When: January 4-6, 2020
Where: Hyatt Place, Tampa Florida
Single Registration – $399
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Where: Tampa, Florida

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